Jacoby Heritage Series L4 Pool Cue


Heritage Series L4 Jacoby Pool Cue

  • Over 100 inlays in this Jacoby cue!
  • Cue is signed Brandon Jacoby 11-20
  •  1-12.3mm Jacoby Black Carbon shaft with Kamui tan clear soft tip.
  • Forearm is Zricote with 4 Elforyn points  (14.9 oz) with Cocobolo, Brass, Abalone, Elforyn inlays , signed B. Jacoby 11/20
  • Beautiful Black Leather textured wrap –  58” cue
  • Brass, Elforyn , Abalone rings at B,C,D
  • Butt sleeve is Zricote with Cocobolo, Brass, Abalone, Elforyn inlays.
  • Butt cap is White phenolic with “Jacoby” logo.
  • Elforyn joint with Radial joint pin.
  • Extension Bumper.
  • Joint caps included.
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